About Us

The California Conservation Genomics Project (CCGP) is a state-funded initiative with a single goal: to produce the most comprehensive, multispecies, genomic data set ever assembled to help manage regional biodiversity. The CCGP brings together many of California’s leading experts working at the interface of genomics and conservation science to provide decision makers with a coordinated, synthetic collection of cutting-edge genomic resources and analyses specifically targeted to inform best conservation decisions in the face of rapidly accelerating species declines resulting from habitat loss and climate change.

The CCGP draws on conservation biologists, geneticists, ecologists and climate scientists from all 10 University of California campuses, the UC Natural Reserve System, several California State University campuses, and officials from state and federal regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations. By building, from the ground up, a set of ~200 species covering all ecoregions and habitats in the state, sequencing full genomes for thousands of individual organisms, and analyzing these data in a geographically explicit way, the CCGP is providing a unique genomic map of California that will enable wise land use and conservation actions.

Our aim is to provide state officials with genomic data and analyses that they can use to make decisions to better conserve the state’s species and their habitats, better protect natural resources, and create strategic plans to ensure that California’s people, places and wildlife are resilient to climate change now and in the coming decades.