Jeremy Jacquot ’05

Jeremy Jacquot ’05, who was a prolific science writer during graduate school, is working these days on finishing his doctoral dissertation at USC.  He writes, “I just attended the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, where I gave a talk and poster presentation, and recently attended the U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic cruise as part of my thesis work.”

Kirk Lum ’04

Following graduation, Kirk Lum ’04 worked for two years as a lab assistant in the Cytogenetics department of Quest Diagnostics (a large diagnostic lab).  He then worked for METIC Transplantation Labs, and later Agendia, where he quickly rose in rank from CLS to Sr. CLS and eventually lab manager.  Kirk is currently working on a real-time PCR assay for a company called Response Genetics.  He writes, “Clinical diagnostics is a field which I’d recommend any new graduate to enter. The field is a good way-point for prospective grad school or higher degree pursuers to take a break. It utilizes our science background, and the work immediately touches patients’ lives. With a state license, a career in lab testing or lab management can be quite lucrative as well.”

Laleh Javanbakht ’00

Laleh Javanbakht ’00 is a manager responsible for clinical content development and management of the editorial staff at Zynx Health Device Network.  Laleh is also a licensed pharmacist and a per diem clinical pharmacist at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (RRUCLAMC).  Prior to joining the Zynx Health Device Network, Laleh worked at RRUCLAMC as a clinical pharmacist in a critical care satellite pharmacy.  During her time at RRUCLAMC, Laleh participated in several departmental initiatives aimed at improving medication administration and patient safety.  Laleh was also involved in the training and preceptorship of pharmacy practice residents as part of an American Society of Health System Pharmacists-accredited pharmacy practice residency program.  She received her PharmD from the UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy, and completed a one-year pharmacy practice residency at RRUCLAMC.