Lisa (Tolman) von Biela ’80

Lisa Marie (Tolman) von Biela ’80 graduated with a BS in Biology. She is thrilled to announce that her novel Blockbuster, was released this week on January 6, 2015! Blockbuster is her fourth book so far and is a BigPharma medical thriller.  She has been reviewed as the “Queen of the Medical Thriller.”

Brain Teng ’12

Brian Teng ’12 graduated with a BS in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution. He has just started a new job at the University of San Diego. He is the Project Assistant for a 5-year NSF-funded research project on climate change education for key influentials. His responsibilities include website design and maintenance, social media strategy, event planning, and administrative activities. More on the project is available here (

Leslie Grant ’12

IMG_2747Leslie Grant ’12 graduated from UCLA with a Biology degree. She is currently finishing up her second year in Teach for America, where she works in an Alliance charter school in Downtown Los Angeles. She currently teaches a 10th grade Anatomy & Physiology course at this school. The most recent project they have done was a dissection of rats and fetal pigs, which was funded through Donor’s Choose. Attached is an image of the students engaging in the dissection.

Michael Haymer ’10

Michael Haymer ’10 graduated from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He was selected last year (2013) by the UCLA Academic Senate to receive the UCLA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award presented by Chancellor Dean Block last May (photo attached). Please find an article attached from UCLA Today:
He worked with Dr. Blumstein and Dr. Fong, along with JP Drury, on the FMBQ (2009) and was published for the project we conducted together. He was also selected as 1 of 26 LGBTQ scholars to receive the Point Foundation Scholarship in 2013.

Patrick Green ’09

Patrick Green ’09 graduated with a BS in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution.  After some time spent teaching outdoor education, he returned to work in EEB as a field assistant for Dr. Greg Grether, a research assistant for Dr. Blaire Van Valkenburgh, and a TA in the department. He began a PhD program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2011, and this year he moved (with my PhD advisor, Dr. Sheila Patek) to Duke University. He is now in my 3rd year, researching the interaction of functional morphology and animal behavior in mantis shrimp (Stomatopoda).

“I frequently look back on my time at UCLA as broadening my interests, and then allowing me to shape them into my current career path. I truly appreciate Dr. Grether and Dr. Van Valkenburgh’s help in allowing me to work with them, and the flexibility of the EEB program in allowing me to teach undergraduates. The wonderful experiences I had in the EEB program stick with me to this day!”