Richard R. Cicinelli ’68, MD ’72

Richard Cicinelli ’68 graduated as a Zoology major from UCLA and completed his medical studies here in 1972.  He went on to earn a specialization in psychiatry at UCSF in 1976, and is currently in private practice in Redwood City, California, where he specializes in substance abuse, concurrent disorders, and recovery.  Dr. Cicinelli fondly remembers being a student in the very first ecology class offered at UCLA.

Ross Durham ’62, PhD ’68

biosat3Ross Durham ’62, PhD ’68 retired in 2005 from his position as full professor with University of Tennessee Biology Department, where he had served since 1971.  Early in his career, Dr. Durham had the privilege to work as a project biologist for the NASA Biosatellite Project (Biosatellite III) at the UCLA Space Biology Laboratories.  His team’s vehicle orbited the Earth for 8 days in the spring of 1969, just prior to the launch of the famous Apollo 11 mission.

Ken McPherson ’65

Ken McPherson ’65 writes, “I look back fondly on the ecology and evolutionary biology classes I took as a Zoology major, preparing to apply to medical school. ‘Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny’ was to me a profound concept. Genetics was fascinating as well. I was doomed by chemistry however; although I knew at the time that I did not have the commitment to medicine to be accepted to med school, let alone take on the rigors of that discipline. I briefly considered stopping by the career center but thought I should be able to figure things out myself and, being shy and unassertive, did not pause to research my career options. Instead I barely graduated in 1965 and postponed a career choice until grad school, at Cal State, L.A., where I earned my masters degree in counseling. Had I considered my options before graduating I might have investigated transfer to UCLA’s Film School for a career in documentary film-making. I liked to draw as a kid and was a fan of the films of Robert Flaherty and documentaries like The Louisiana Story and Nanook. In 2006 I retired from a 35 year career as a career counselor and instructor in the career services and community college cooperative education programs where I was employed, advising students to do what I should have done at their age and helping them transition from school to work with internships. I became an advocate for students to do informational interviews and internships and urged the college to create an alumni-based career consulting network, such as the one UCLA has to this day in BruinWorks. After I retired, I started a personal history services business and have been making ‘affordable mini- documentaries’ for family, friends and groups in the Claremont community. I have maintained an interest in career development and am an active member of the LinkedIn Career Services Professionals group, and several other career related LinkedIn groups, as well as the UCLA Alumni Association, where I joined BruinWorks.” Ken gave a special seminar at UCLA in January to our undergraduates on “How to Prepare for Life After Graduation,” including advice on preparing for information interviews, professional school applications, and personal career marketing in the context of an online video simulation he has created. Ken adds, “I’m using an iWeb template with a comic book format to appeal to 18-24 year old shy introverts who need career direction, much as I did back then. At present I am publishing a first draft on my mobile me account at kenmcpherson. Username: simulations. Password: tr3nding. You may publish that link and password as well inasmuch as I want to reach out to alumni to allow a project team to come into their place of business and record the alum reading and improvising from cue cards – the storyboarded informational interviewing scenarios designed with Career Center and BruinWorks input and published on the new site,”

Richard Cicinelli ’68

Richard Cicinelli ’68 received his MD from UCLA in 1972, and is a psychiatrist who has been in practice for nearly thirty years. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees at UCLA and his psychiatric training at Langley Porter, University of California San Francisco. His sub-specialty interests include addiction psychiatry, Jungian psychology, and individual psychotherapy.

Marvin S. Schwab ’68

Marvin SchwabMarvin S. Schwab ’68 (Zoology) is the congregational rabbi at Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From the temple’s website: “Unlike many of his colleagues, Marvin Schwab did not set out to become a rabbi. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in zoology, Marvin followed a secular path for twelve years, working first as a medical technologist and later in computers and quality control. But the study of Talmud and the traditions of Judaism exerted an inexorable pull and a 1979 trip to Israel with his friend, Rabbi David Lieb, proved to be a life-changing experience.” He writes, “I suspect I may be the only Zoology major who has become a rabbi. There are two other pieces that you may want to add. 1) I am known as the rabbi that saves your soul and hard drive on the same day. 2) I truly value the education that I received at UCLA. There are bits and pieces of it that I think of and use on a weekly if not daily basis.”

Steven D. Feinberg ’67

Steven FeinbergSteven D. Feinberg ’67 (Zoology), 68 MPH, received his MD from UC Irvine. He is a physiatrist and pain specialist in Palo Alto, CA, and an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Stanford School of Medicine Department of Anesthesia, Pain Management Center. Dr. Feinberg is a past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, and serves on the Board of Directors of the American Chronic Pain Association. He is the Chief Medical Officer of American Pain Solutions. Dr. Feinberg has been married (happily) to Erica for 44 years and has four happy and healthy married adult children and four grandchildren (soon to be seven).