The primary role of the UCLA herbarium is to facilitate the taxonomic and ecological study of vascular plants, and act as a teaching resource for UCLA and other academic institutions in the Los Angeles area.  In addition, the UCLA Herbarium serves the surrounding community as a resource for the identification of plants, both horticultural and native. To this end, the herbarium maintains a large collection of cultivated specimens, as well as a permanent reference collection of species from around the world, with special emphasis on the California Flora including the flora of Baja California, and locally, on the flora of the Santa Monica Mountains. The herbarium also serves as a repository for voucher specimens associated with ecological studies conducted by UCLA faculty and student researchers.  The herbarium also contains a library of botanical literature and journals to facilitate research and plant identification. The herbarium library also serves as a meeting place for the Bruin Naturalist Club, a student group interested in the wild plants and plant communities of California.



Handwritten specimen label from 1817