Herbarium Resources

The UCLA herbarium permanently houses approximately 170,000 pressed and mounted specimens including 298 type specimens. The herbarium’s current focus is on the native vascular plants of southern California and Baja California; our collection contains approximately 6000 specimens from the Santa Monica Mountains, and substantial collections from the Simi Hills, Mojave and Colorado Deserts, and Baja California. The herbarium also contains a horticultural collection of approximately 13,000 herbarium sheets of cultivated plants of Southern California.

The UCLA herbarium contains notable personal herbaria donated to UCLA including collections by Kapler (ca. 2200 specimens, mostly of the Santa Monica Mountains), Kiefer (ca. 3700 specimens of ferns), Mary V. Hood (ca. 1600 specimens) and Grace Heintz (cultivated Eucalyptus of California). Some UCLA faculty, including Martin Cody, Mildred Mathias, Carl Epling and Harlan Lewis, have also donated their personal herbaria to UCLA.

Although the focus of the herbarium is primarily the flora of California, the herbarium also contains specimens from all over the world, with approximately 40% of our collections from beyond North America. We also have collections for all the major groups of plants, although our collection of algae, lichens, and bryophytes is limited.

The herbarium also contains a library of taxonomic reference books, floras of North America, South America, and many other regions of the world. Work stations with boom dissecting scopes are also available. The herbarium also has an available plant drier and freezer (for freezing specimens to control insects), and materials for mounting and repairing plant specimens.