EEB faculty

name department research
Michael Alfaro EEB Vertebrate diversification and macroevolution (especially coral reef fishes), functional and evolutionary morphology, comparative methods, phylogenetics
Paul Barber EEB Evolution of conservation of marine biodiversity, Coral reefs, Evolutionary and population genetics, Natural selection and adaptation.
Don Buth EEB Ichthyology; parasitology, phylogenetic systematics, population structure of lower vertebrates
Peggy Fong EEB Marine ecology of coastal ecosystems.
Malcom Gordon EEB Comparative ecological physiology of lower vertebrates, with emphasis on fish locomotion
Dave Jacobs EEB Evolution/Development of Invertebrate Body Plans, Paleobiology and Marine Speciation
Jamie Lloyd-Smith EEB Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases; emerging pathogens and zoonoses; host population heterogeneities; integration of dynamics across scales.
Cheryl-Ann Zimmer EEB Population ecology of marine organisms, especially the role of hydrodynamic processes
Dick Zimmer EEB Ecology and sensory biology of aquatic organisms; chemical signals and communication

AOS Faculty

name department research
Yi Chao AOS Oceanic circulation and data assimilation
Larry Harding AOS Marine Phytoplankton Ecology / Aircraft and Satellite Remote Sensing / Biological Oceanography
James McWilliams AOS geophysical Fluid Dynamics Ocean Modeling Physical Oceanography
Andrew Stewart AOS Physical oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics and ocean-ice interactions
Tina Treude AOS marine biogeochemistry and geomicrobiology (e.g., methane seeps, oxygen minimum zones, microbe-mineral interactions)