Lab News

December 2019: We are grateful for a holiday gift from the V Foundation for Cancer Research: a Designated Grant for our studies on the effects of tamoxifen on the hypothalamus.

November 2019: Congrats to undergrads Betty and Nathan who have been admitted to medical school!

November 2019: Megan and Stephanie presented our results at Obesity Week 2019, the meeting of the Obesity Society in Las Vegas. Megan was selected to present a Basic Science Lightning Talk and successfully presented her dissertation research in just 3 minutes.

October 2019: undergraduate Sahara Ali was selected as a CARE Fellow. Congratulations, Sahara!

October 2019: We are excited to welcome rotation students Norma Sandoval and Alex Bedard from the MCIP program.

September 2019: Zhi wins best talk at the IBP departmental retreat. Congratulations, Zhi!

August 2019: Laura defended her dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Kammel! The lab celebrated her accomplishments with food, cake, drinks, and night swimming.

August 2019: Ed presents our work on the effects of tamoxifen on the hypothalamus and thermoregulation at the 2019 Mechanisms and Models of Cancer meeting. These studies have been generously supported by the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

June 2019: Stephanie presents our work on thermoregulation by estrogen-sensitive neurons at the 2019 meeting of the Society of Behavioral Neuroendocrinology.

June 2019: Nilla is selected as a Scheibel Neuroscience Research Fellow. Congratulations, Nilla!

June 2019: Betty wins 2nd place in our departmental undergraduate research poster competition!

April 2019: Congratulations to Megan for passing her oral qualifying exam! Her performance inspired a tweet.

February 2019: Laura and Stephanie presented our work at the 2019 meeting on Steroids and the Nervous System. Congratulations to Laura for being selected to give a talk and winning a scholarship to attend the meeting!

February 2019: Check out our first preprint. Excellent work by everyone, led by Ed and Laura / Laura and Ed.

January 2019: Our paper on hypothalamic regulation of bone formation with the Ingraham Lab at UCSF is out. See the paper in Nature Communications and the press release here. Congratulations to UCLA co-authors Zhi Zhang and Michelle Reid.

October 2018: Congratulations to Laura for being awarded a Research Grant from the UCLA Brain Research Institute to make the lab’s first genetically engineered mouse!

September 2018: Congrats to Zhi for being awarded a Young Investigator Grant by the Iris Cantor UCLA Women’s Health Center/UCLA National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health & UCLA CTSI.

August 2018: undergraduate Jose Mendez Avila was awarded a Dean’s Award for summer research.

June 2018: Laura was awarded a Dissertation Year Fellowship by the UCLA Graduate Division. Congratulations!

June 2018: Congratulations to Megan for being awarded a CTSI core voucher to fund her behavioral experiments.

June 2018: Patricia graduated summa cum laude and with highest departmental honors. Congratulations! Her story was written up here.

May 2018: Patricia Bunda was awarded a Dean’s Science Prize! Congratulations to Patricia and her mentor Laura Kammel.

May 2018: Estrogen signaling in the arcuate powerfully regulates bone. Here’s the preprint.

April 2018: Check out this video we shot at the V Foundation for Cancer Research V Scholar Summit.

April 2018: Zhi Zhang was awarded an AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship!

April 2018: Megan was awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

March 2018: Congratulations to Laura for passing her oral qualifying exam with flying colors!

March 2018: Patrick was admitted to the David Geffen School of Medicine!

March 2018: Check out guidelines for making conferences more inclusive and family friendly: How to tackle the childcare-conference conundrum by Rebecca Calisi and 45 mothers in science.

March 2018: Carolina De La Cruz is selected for UCLA’s CAMP undergraduate research program.

February 2018: Laura presents our single cell RNA-seq project at the MCIP retreat.

November 2017: We are honored to be supported by the V Foundation for Cancer Research for our work on the effects of tamoxifen on the hypothalamus.

October 2017: MS student Jae Park joins the lab.

September 2017: Congratulations to Megan for winning best talk at the Neuroscience IDP retreat.

June 2017: Stephanie presents our research in the “New Techniques for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology” Symposium at SBN 2017 in Long Beach.

May 2017: Selena Gonzalez wins Dean’s Research Prize at UCLA Undergraduate Poster Day. Congratulations Selena!

Spring 2017: Grad Students Laura Kammel and Megan Massa join the lab.

March 2017: Postdoc Zhi Zhang joins the lab from the Kalsbeek and Fliers groups at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN).