Stephanie Correa, Ph.D., Principal Investigator


Ed van Veen, Ph.D., Project Scientist


Zhi Zhang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (2017- ), AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Iris Cantor Young Investigator Award


Laura Kammel, MCIP PhD student (2017-2019), NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship, Dissertation Year Fellowship, Hyde Fellowship


Megan Massa, Neuroscience PhD student (2017- ), NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, CTSI Core Voucher Award


Jae Park, IBP MS student (2017- )

Undergraduate Researchers

Carolina de la Cruz, Biology Major, class of 2019, CAMP Scholar


Noah Kauss, Psychology major, class of 2019

Jose Mendez Avila, Psychobiology major, class of 2020, Dean’s Award for Life Science Research


Not pictured:

Chiara Rebagliati, Physiological Science major, class of 2019

Trpti Sanghvi, Neuroscience major, class of 2019

Nilla Sivakumar, Neuroscience major, class of 2020


 Former Undergraduates:

Patricia Bunda, MCDB major (Highest Departmental Honors), class of 2018, 2018 Bruin Day Ambassador, 2018 Dean’s Prize Winner

Audrey Magsig, Computational and Systems Biology major, 2016-2018, now in Geschwind Lab

Patrick Chin, Physiological Science major, 2016-2018, Accepted to DGSOM

Selena Gonzalez, Neuroscience major, 2016-2017, CARES Scholar, 2017 Dean’s Prize Winner, now research technician at Stanford

Former Lab Assistants:

Mai Tran, Laboratory Assistant (2016), now PhD student at Scripps Institute


Michelle Reid, Laboratory Assistant (2016-2017), now PhD student at UC Berkeley

Former Rotation Students:

Huei Bin Wang, MCIP PhD student, Winter 2018 rotation

Yesenia Cabrera, Neuroscience PhD student, Fall 2016 rotation.

Joe Munier, MCIP PhD student (rotation Winter 2017)

(Picture credits: Patricia Bunda)