We are looking for 1 new undergraduate researcher to help with mouse experiments related to estrogen signaling in the hypothalamus. If you are interested in the position, please prepare a single PDF with the following three components and email it to Dr. Correa by 6/25/21 at noon. The position could start as early as July 6. We are able to set up work-study for a student who qualifies.

  1. Short statement (<1 page) answering: 1. Why are you interested in research in the Correa Lab? 2. When would you be able to start working in the lab? 3. How many hours a week are you able to commit the lab? 4. Do you have any previous lab or research experience? If so please list the techniques you have done before. There is no need for elaborate paragraphs. Section headings and bullet points can work well, particularly for questions 2-4.
  2. Your latest resume or CV.
  3. Your latest unofficial transcript, including Spring 2021 grades.


Sahara Ali, Undergraduate Researcher

Psychobiology major, class of 2022

Regents Scholar, CARES Scholar, CARES Fellow




Shomik Ati, IBP MS student

BS, Psychology, University of Texas Austin, Integrative Biology and Physiology Non-Resident Tuition Fellowship (2020-2021)



Stephanie Correa, PhD, Assistant Professor

BA, Biology, Pomona College; PhD, Neurobiology & Behavior, Cornell University; Postdoc w/ Holly Ingraham, UCSF, stephaniecorrea [at] ucla [dot] edu




Elizabeth Dilday, M.D., Research Fellow

MD, Keck School of Medicine, USC; Internship & Residency: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center





Alexia Joseph, Undergraduate Researcher

Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology major, class of 2021

MCDB Honors Program, Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, 2021 Chancellor’s Service Award



Megan Massa, PhD candidate, Neuroscience

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2021 K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award, UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship, CTSI Core Voucher Award, Sex Differences in Metabolic Syndrome SCORE Pilot and Feasibility Grant

BA, Neuroscience, Minor in English, Bowdoin College


Amanda Misquez, Undergraduate Researcher, Physiological Science major, class of 2021


Jae Park, M. S., Lab Manager

IBP MS student (2017- 2019), Dean’s Tuition Fellowships (2017 & 2018)

MS, Integrative Biology and Physiology, UCLA; BS, Biomedical Science, Minor in Nutrition, University at Buffalo




Norma Sandoval, MCIP PhD student

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, Graduate Council Diversity Fellowship, Graduate Division Dean’s Scholar Award

BS, Physiological Science, UCLA



Rachel Scott, MCIP PhD student

Cota Robles Fellowship

BS, Physiological Science & BA Ethomusicology, UCLA



Paul Vander, MCIP PhD student

BS, Biology, University of Michigan



Ed van Veen, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor

Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center Pilot Project Grant

PhD, Molecular Biology, MIT; BS, Applied Math; BS, Genetics, UC Davis; vanveen [at] ucla [dot] edu



Coming soon:

Alexandra Cara, Ph.D., PhD in Molecular & Integrative Physiology with Dr. Carol Elias at University of Michigan.

Laura Cortés, PhD in Neuroscience with Dr. Nancy Forger at Georgia State University.


Former Postdoc and Graduate Students

Zhi Zhang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2021), AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center Young Investigator Award, now Young Associate Investigator, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai.

Laura Kammel, Ph.D., MCIP PhD student (2017-2019), Postdoctoral Scholar (2019), NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship, Dissertation Year Fellowship, Hyde Fellowship, Brain Research Institute Research Grant. Now Postdoctoral Fellow in the Single Cell Dynamics Group (PI Joseph Rodriguez, PhD) at NIEHS.

John DiVittorio, IBP MS student (2018-2020), 2020 Distinguished TA award, now Technical Applications Specialist at Chai bio.

Jae Park, M.S., IBP MS student (2017- 2019), Dean’s Tuition Fellowships (2017, 2018), now Staff Research Associate in Correa Lab.

Former Undergraduates

Nilla Sivakumar, Neuroscience major, class of 2020, Summer 2019 Scheibel Neuroscience Scholar, 2020 Science Dean’s Prize winner, Regents Scholar. Now research technician at UCSF.

Bethlehem Tesfaye, Physiological Science major, class of 2019, Post-graduate Researcher (2019-2020), 2019 IBP poster award. Now medical student at UC Irvine.

Nathan Sanchez, Neuroscience major, class of 2020. Now medical student at UCSF.

Kathleen Leon, summer 2019, SPUR-LABS program. Now PhD student at UC Irvine.

Alexa-Rae Wheeler, summer 2019, Neuroscience Scholars Program. Now PhD student at UT Austin.

Jose Mendez Avila, Psychobiology major, class of 2020, Dean’s Award for Life Science Research 2018-2019.

Carolina de la Cruz, Biology Major, class of 2019, CAMP Scholar.

Noah Kauss, Psychology major, class of 2019.

Chiara Rebagliati, Physiological Science major, class of 2019.

Trpti Sanghvi, Neuroscience major, class of 2019.

Patricia Bunda, MCDB major (Highest Departmental Honors), class of 2018, 2018 Bruin Day Ambassador, 2018 Dean’s Prize Winner, now MSTP student at Yale.

Audrey Magsig, Computational and Systems Biology major, class of 2020, now PhD student at UCSF.

Patrick Chin, Physiological Science major, 2016-2018, now MD student at DGSOM.

Selena Gonzalez, Neuroscience major, 2016-2017, CARES Scholar, 2017 Dean’s Prize Winner, now research technician at Stanford.

Former Staff

Mai Tran, Laboratory Assistant (2016), now PhD student at Scripps Institute

Michelle Reid, Laboratory Assistant (2016-2017), now PhD student at UC Berkeley

Former Rotation Students

Ricardo Frausto, MCIP PhD student, Winter 2021 rotation

Caitlin Goodpaster, Neuroscience PhD student, Fall 2020 rotation

Frank Wang, MCIP PhD student, Spring 2020 rotation

Alex Bedard, MCIP PhD student, Fall 2019 rotation

Huei Bin Wang, MCIP PhD student, Winter 2018 rotation

Joe Munier, MCIP PhD student Winter 2017 rotation

Yesenia Cabrera, Neuroscience PhD student, Fall 2016 rotation