Congratulations to Jakob von Morgenland for being selected for an oral presentation during the UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH WEEK 2020 to present his ongoing honors thesis work on computational modeling of a sensorimotor reflex circuit afflicted in the neurodegenerative motor neuron diseases. Way to go Jakob!

Thanks to the Organization for Computational Neuroscience for nominating Sharmila Venugopal as a member of the Council for Training, Science and Infrastructure (CTSI), a governing body of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). It is such an honor and privilege to serve on this committee to endorse open and FAIR neuroscience.

Congratulations to Jakob von Morgenland on becoming the first undergraduate student contributor to the Springer Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience!


Did you know Math can help us learn how diseases work?


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Highlighted on UCLA In the News


Congratulations to Mominah Subhan, an undergraduate Life Sciences student for her award-winning essay, recognized by the Association for Women in Mathematics. Thanks for featuring Dr. V! It is such an honor!


Congratulations to Soju Seki for winning a research presentation award at the 62nd Congress of the Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons!

Thanks to the Members of the Organization for Computational Neuroscience for electing Sharmila Venugopal as a member of the Board of Directors. It is such an honor and privilege to serve as the Education and Training Chair and Member of the Executive Committee of OCNS.


Congratulations to Kevin Donohue for his stellar presentation and winning the UCLA Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research! Great job developing a novel image processing tool for detecting minuscule oddly-shaped synaptic terminals!

Thanks to the organizing committee at the Institute for Neural Computation for selecting Sharmila Venugopal’s poster for a spotlight presentation at the Joint Symposium for Neural Computation!


Thanks to the Center for Advancement of Teaching at UCLA for supporting innovations in Math education for undergraduate Life Sciences students! Your Instructional Improvement Grant helped Dr. Sharmila Venugopal develop and assess the new course, LS20 – Quantitative Concepts for the Life Sciences.