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We are recruiting Postdoctoral researchers (2 positions)

We are recruiting a postdoc to work with Dr. Correa on the neural control of feeding behavior in mice. Ideally, the candidate would have expertise in the neural control of food intake and either in vivo calcium imaging or biochemistry. We can work with top candidates to identify projects that balance personal and lab research goals. Interests in sex difference, effects of gonadal hormones, or effects of adipokines on the brain would be very desirable. Start date Fall 2024 or later. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for 3 references to stephaniecorrea at ucla  .edu

We are recruiting a postdoc to work with Dr. Ed van Veen on a collaborative project with Dr. Correa and Dr. Annegret Falkner (Princeton) to study the temporal and spatial dynamics of hormone signaling. Experience with genetic engineering and/or cell culture highly desirable but not required. Start date flexible. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for 3 references to vanveen at ucla  .edu (without the spaces)


We do not have any available positions for PhD students, MS students, technicians, or undergraduates. We will update the website if any positions become available.

Process for admitting new undergraduate researchers  PhD student Rachel Scott designed a two-quarter program that collaboratively trains undergraduates in neuroendocrinology literature and experimental approaches. In the first quarter, students read primary research articles that are foundational to our lab’s research.  At the end of the first quarter, a subset of students are selected to join individual projects in the lab and continue in the program. In the second quarter, students learn the major techniques that we use in the lab and begin to gather data.

We are not sure when we will next offer this program. Interested undergraduates should email a single PDF with with the following three components to correametabolismlab at gmail. Applications or inquiries to sent to Dr. Correa directly will not be considered.

  1. Short statement (<1 page) answering: 1. Why are you interested in research in the Correa Lab? 2. When would you be able to start working in the lab? 3. How many hours a week are you able to commit the lab? 4. Do you have any previous lab or research experience? If so please list the techniques you have done before. Section headings and bullet points can work well, particularly for questions 2-4.
  2. Your latest resume or CV.
  3. Your latest unofficial transcript, including from previous institutions if you transferred to UCLA.