Mark Frye PhD University of Washington
Professor UCLA Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology and Neurobiology
Chair PhD program in Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology (MCIP)
Affiliations and memberships
UCLA Brain Research Institute; Neuroscience PhD program; Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology  PhD program; International Society for Neuroethology; Society for Neuroscience
ORCID; Google Scholar; ResearchGate
NeuroTree MS with Robert Olberg at Union College, PhD with Tom Daniel and Jim Truman at University of Washington, postdoc with Michael Dickinson at Caltech,
Hometown: Delmar, NY
Talent: guitars and their variants


Karen Cheng Portrait

Karen Cheng BS UCLA
PhD Candidate Neuroscience program
Project: Multisensory aminergic modulation of visual behavior
Awards: Honorable Mention NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2016; NEI F31 2018-2020
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Talent: piano

Martha Rimniceanu

Martha Rimniceanu BS Tufts University
PhD Candidate Molecular Cellular Integrative Physiology
Project: Control systems and circuits for visuo-motor integration
Hometown: Bușteni, Romania
Talent: salsa (the dance, not the food)

Lesly Palacios Castillo BS, MS California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
PhD Student Molecular Cellular Integrative Physiology
Project: Multisensory and neuromodulatory control of neural circuits and behavior
Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Talent: singing and guitar


Ben Hardcastle

Ben Hardcastle PhD Imperial College
Project: Neuronal mechanisms of feature detection and polarization vision
Hometown: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Talent: heavy metal guitar

Giovanni Frighetto

Giovanni Frighetto PhD, MS University of Padova
Project: Analysis of visual object detection
Hometown: Arzignano, Italy
Talent: drumming, juggling, climbing


Bitmoji Avatar of Sara Wasserman

Sara Wasserman PhD, Brandeis University
Assistant Professor Wellesley College
Project: Sara works in the lab during the summer with her cadre of super-star undergraduates on projects aimed at understanding state-dependency in neural circuits and behavior.
Hometown: Brentwood CA
Talent: violin, wit


Jan Ache, Group leader U. Würzburg. Project: technology exchange, aminergic signaling

David Krantz, UCLA Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Science. Project: aminergic modulation  of visual processing

Volker Hartenstein, with Dr. Jaison Omoto, UCLA Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Project: genetic analysis of visual circuitry supplying the central complex

Sara Wasserman, Wellesley College. Project: modulation of sensory physiology by hunger and thirst , and also with our high school outreach

Larry Zipursky, UCLA Biological Chemistry. Project: BRAIN Initiative – Mapping neurotransmitter receptors onto the connectome


Sam LoCasio, Patent Agent (starting 6/2021) Morrison & Foerster Law
​Carola Städele, Group Leader (starting 9/2021) University of Göttingen
Jean-Michel Mongeau, Assistant Professor at Penn State University
Sara Wasserman, Assistant Professor at Wellesley College
Jessica Fox, Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University
Jamie Theobald, Associate Professor, Florida International University
Partha Krishnan, Deputy Director of HSE (Vaccine Business Unit), Sanofi Pasteur
Yan Zhu, Associate Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics

Graduate students
Ivan Lopez (MS IBP), enrolling in medical school 2021
Mehmet Keleş (PhD,  MCIP), postdoc Mark Wu lab Johns Hopkins University
Jacob Aptekar (PhD, Neuroscience, MD MSTP program UCLA ) Senior Director, Metidata Solutions, Acorn AI
Ross Kelley (MS, Physiological Science) attending University of Arizona medical school
Dawnis Chow (PhD, MCIP), Senior Data Scientist, Box
Brian Duistermars (PhD, MCIP), Visiting Assistant Professor Claremont McKenna College

Undergraduates and high school students
Rachel Colbath undergraduate researcher, lab technician, USC Medical School
Natalie Boyd undergraduate researcher, lab technician, preparing for graduate school
Rachel Mernoff undergraduate researcher, joint MD/MPH program at UCSF/Berkeley
Nina Fukuma undergraduate researcher worked on flight control with Mehmet, medical school
Austin Wang (undergraduate researcher and co-author) now a PhD student at UCSF in Aimee Kao’s lab 
​Patrick Lu undergraduate researcher, then research technician. Co-Founder CEO Playfull
Farhaad Kahn undergraduate researcher worked on visual control of flight with Jean
Asma Sodager high school student, NIH STEP-UP program, undergraduate at UC Irvine
Conway Ou undergraduate researcher that worked on effects of dietary restriction on neuromechanical flight control
​Elliot Layne SWIRLSS program high school student working on optogenetics and multisensory behavior
Noam Ringach high school student, undergraduate at Stanford
Emmett Krantz high school student undergraduate at UCSB
Nadya Zolotova undergraduate, UC Irvine Medical School
Nelson Nunez high school researcher,  NIH STEP-UP program, undergraduate somewhere
Ryan Tsiao undergraduate researcher
Delaine Quaresma undergraduate researcher, UC Davis Vet School
Jade Nguyen undergraduate researcher and co-author, Chicago Medical
Allie Salomon high school volunteer and co-author, biomedical engineer
Rachel Care undergraduate researcher, PhD from Dunn lab, UCSF UCSF Career and Professional Development
Ivan Rodriguez-Pinto undergraduate researcher, PhD student Florida International University
Victoria Choi undergraduate researcher, Berkeley optometry school
Jasmin Hu undergraduate researcher, optometry school
Portia Bautista undergraduate researcher, medical school
Manish Padhiar undergraduate researcher, PhD Princeton University
Jennifer Rhodes the lab’s first summer undergraduate researcher, 2005, UC Berkeley Bioengineering