Welcome to our laboratory, where we embark on a quest to uncover the mysterious impact of signals released from adipocyte-lipolysi­­s on triglyceride balance within the liver, programming adult stem cells, and fueling the flame of energy utilization. Our fascination lies in deciphering the molecular mechanisms that tip the scales between energy storage and energy expenditure—a quest that holds the promise of revolutionary interventions to combat obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease.

Unlocking Adipose-Liver Crosstalk: Unraveling the Secrets of Lipid Metabolism

Within the intricate web of our body’s energy management, the adipose tissue stands as the fortress of stored energy, ready to be unleashed through lipolysis to fuel other organ systems. This vital control over energy flow becomes the key to survival during extreme conditions like chilling cold or prolonged fasting. But the influence of adipocytes reaches beyond merely supplying energy; these dynamic cells wield the power to remotely regulate metabolism in distant tissues like the liver.

The Dance of Adipose Stem Cells: Bridging Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

The adaptability of adipose tissue is paramount in orchestrating long-term energy harmony. By efficiently storing surplus energy, adipocytes prevent unwanted lipid overflow into organs such as muscles and the liver. This dynamic ebb and flow, governed by caloric influx, pivots on systems fostering ribosome biogenesis and translation, ensuring energy equilibrium. Our focus zeroes in on the role of translation in adipose progenitors and preadipocytes. How do these cells seamlessly weave together nutrient and hormonal signals to transition and differentiate?

Mouse Metabolic Diseases

Fueling Thermogenic Adipocytes: A Novel Approach to Counter Metabolic Diseases

Meet the thermogenic adipocytes: the beige, brite, and brown variants. These cellular powerhouses transmute carbohydrates and fats into warmth by uncoupling the mitochondrial electron transport chain and activating futile cycles. Harnessing pathways that compel adipocytes to expend rather than conserve energy offers a promising avenue to fend off glucose intolerance. Our pioneering research has illuminated a transcriptional framework that accentuates thermogenesis, steering the metabolic scale towards energy liberation.

Dive in with us, as we journey through this exhilarating realm of cellular energy dynamics!

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