John Abramyan (Junior research specialist 2003-2005) is an associate professor of biology at University of Michigan-Dearborn
Jaime Ashander (Postdoc 2016-18) is a research ecologist with the Eastern Ecological Science Center at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, MD
Chris Austin (Undergrad researcher, B.S. 1989) is a professor at Louisiana State University
Anthony Barley (Junior research specialist 2008-09) is an assistant professor at ASU
Sean Barry (Master’s student) UC Davis Biosafety Manager (retired)
Mike Benard (Ph.D. 2005) is an associate professor at Case Western Reserve University
Joscha Beninde (Postdoc 2018-2023) is an assistant professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Gideon Bradburd (Ph.D. 2015) is an assistant professor at University of Michigan
Gary Bucciarelli (Ph.D. student, Postdoctoral researcher, Stunt Ranch Reserve research director 2012-2022) is Lassen Field Station director for UC Davis
Ann Chang (Junior research specialist) is the AmphibiaWeb Research Coordinator UC Berkeley
Jim Clark (Postdoc 1987-89) is a professor at George Washington University
Adam Clause (Junior research specialist 2009-2012, Research Associate 2018-19) is Herpetology Collections Manager at San Diego Natural History Museum.
Mario Colon (La Kretz Center liaison 2013-2017)  is Multicultural Outreach Coordinator for Environmental Coalition of South Seattle
Cat Darst  (Undergrad researcher, B.S.  2001) is Assistant Field Supervisor- Listing and Recovery Division of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Ventura Office
Carlos Davidson (Ph.D.  2000) is a professor at San Francisco State University
Dylan Dittrich-Reed (Junior research specialist 2005-2007) is an adjunct assistant professor at Clemson University
Tag Engstrom  (Ph.D. 2003) is a professor at Chico State University
Robert Fisher (Ph.D. 1995) is a supervisory research biologist at the San Diego Field Station of the USGS Western Ecological Research Center
Ben Fitzpatrick (Ph.D. 2004, postdoc 2004-2005) is a professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville
Jim Fordyce (Ph.D. 2003) is a professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville
Matt Forister (Ph.D. in 2004) is a professor at the University of Nevada Reno
Matt Fujita (Postgrad researcher 2002-2003) is  a professor at the University of Texas Arlington
Natalia Gallego García (Postdoc 2019-2023, Fullbright scholar 2015-2016) is with the Turtle Survival Alliance
Muge Gidis (Visiting scholar) is an Assistant Professor, Dumlupinar University, Turkey
Haley Glass (Undergrad researcher 2013-2015) is a sustainability supervisor at Gibson Energy in Canada
Richard Glor (CPB postdoc 2005-2007) is an associate professor at University of Kansas
Germar Gonzalez (Undergrad researcher 2022-2022) is a master of environmental science candidate at Yale University
Levi Gray (Junior research specialist 2006-2009) is a postdoc at Arizona State University West
Jessie Grismer (Postdoc 2016-2018) is an Assistant Professor of Biology at La Sierra University
Eric Hansen (Undergrad researcher) is a consulting environmental biologist in Sacramento
Lara Hansen (Ph.D. 1998) is Chief Scientist and Executive Director of EcoAdapt
Mike Hickerson (Postdoc 2006-2007) is a professor at the City College of New York
Darrin Hulsey (Ph.D.  2004) is an assistant professor at University College Dublin
Duncan Irschick (Undergrad researcher, B.S.  1991) is a professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst
Fred Janzen (CPB postdoc 1992-1994) is the director of the Kellogg Biological Station at Michigan State University
Ben Johnson (Junior research specialist 2009-2011) is a bioinformatics programmer at UC San Diego
Jarrett Johnson (Postdoc 2007-2010) is  a professor at Western Kentucky University
Mike Kerber (Postgrad researcher 2003-2004) is a postdoc, UNC-Chapel Hill
Max Lambert (Undergrad researcher 2009-2011) is Lead Scientist at Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
Emily Moriarity Lemmon (Postdoc 2007-2008) is a professor at Florida State University
Karen Leyse (Ph.D. 2005) Listing Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office (retired)
Amy Lind (Ph.D. 2005) is a hydroelectric coordinator at USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region (retired)
Elizabeth Long (La Kretz postdoc) Director of Conservation Science at Mohonk Preserve (retired)
Runyang “Nicolas” Lou (Undergrad researcher) is a postdoc in the Sudmant Lab at UC Berkeley
Geoffrey Lovely (Undergrad researcher, B.S. 2007) is a postdoc at the National Institute on Aging
Winsor Lowe (Dartmouth Ph.D. 2003) is a professor at the University of Montana
Tara Luckau (Lab Manager 2016-2021) is a senior scientist at Illumina in San Diego
Karen Marchetti (Ph.D. student)
Evan McCartney-Melstad (Ph.D. 2012-16, PostDoc 2016-19) is Director of Bioinformatics at Nutcracker Therapeutics
Jennifer McKenzie  (Undergrad researcher) is operations and project lead at Farallon Strategies
Mark McKnight (Postdoc 1990-1996)
Steven Micheletti (Junior research specialist 2008-09) is a population geneticist at 23andMe
Genevieve Mount (Junior research specialist 2012- 2014) is a postdoc at UC Berkeley
Kevin Neal received his Ph.D. in 2019. He is a senior data scientist at Precedent
Tom Near (CPB postdoc 2000-2003) is an associate professor at Yale University
Catherine Newman (Junior research specialist 2009-2011) is a scientist in the Department of Neurobiology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Chris Nice (Ph.D. 1998) is a professor at Texas State University
Jeff Oliver (Postgrad researcher 1998-1999) is a data science specialist at the University of Arizona
Eric Olson (Undergrad researcher, B.S. 2004) is a preserve manager at Center for Natural Lands Management
David Parichy (Ph.D. 1997) is a professor at the University of Virginia
Greg Pauly (Postdoc 2008-2011) is a curator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Angela Picco (Postgrad researcher 2003) is in the Ecological Services Program in the Sacramento office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Rebecca Polich (Undergrad researcher 2009-2012) is an assistant professor at Rocky Mountain College
Katy Prudic (Postgrad researcher 1998-1999) is an assistant professor in Citizen and Data Science at the University of Arizona
Nathan Rank (Ph.D. 1990) is a professor at Sonoma State University
Seth Riley (Ph.D. 1999) is a wildlife ecologist with the National Park Service and an associate adjunct professor at UCLA
Hillary Rollins (Junior research specialist 2012-2013), is station manager, UW-NPS research station
Stephanie Rollmann (Research assistant 1991-1994) is a professor at the University of Cincinnati
Maureen Ryan (Ph.D. 2010) is an Interdisciplinary Designer and Facilitator at Dark Creature LLC
Wes Savage (Ph.D. 2008)
Peter Scott (Postdoc 2017-2020) is an assistant professor at Eckerd College
Robyn Screen (Undergrad researcher) got her PhD at the University of Hawaii, Manoa in Amber Wright’s lab
Chris Searcy (PhD 2011, postdoc 2011-2013) is an associate professor at the University of Miami
Sid Shah (Liaison for the UCLA Grand Challenges California Conservation Genomics Initiative 2016-2017) is Manager of Development for Soltage, a renewable energy provider
Phil Spinks (Staff research associate, Postdoc, Graduate student) is a senior research scientist with Placer Mosquito and Vector Control Agency
Eli Stahl (Undergrad researcher) is an assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Scott Stanley (Junior research specialist 1989-1993) is Staff Officer, Entomology Public Health Command Region West, at Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA
Dave Starkey (Postdoc) is an associate professor at UIW
Brett Stewart (Undergrad researcher, B.S. 2004)
Brian Storz (Undergrad researcher, B.S. 1999) is a founding partner of Kentucky Organics
Bob Thomson (Ph.D. 2010) is a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
PeteTrenham (Ph.D. 1998, postdoc 2002-200x)
Randal Voss (Postdoc 1994-98) is a professor at the University of Kentucky
Jannet Vu (Undergrad researcher) is a grad student at Stony Brook
Ian Wang (Ph.D. 2010) is an associate professor at UC Berkeley
Beck A. Wehrle (Undergrad student assistant 2005-09) is a visiting assistant professor at Bryn Mawr College
Sarah Wenner (Junior research specialist) is a PhD Student at UC Berkeley
Ben Wielstra (Postdoc February 1, 2016- January 31, 2018) is an assistant professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands
Amber Wright (Postdoc 2011-2013) is an associate professor at the University of Hawaii, Manoa
Yonghua Wu (Visiting scientist 2010-11) is at Northeast Normal University (China)
Haoran Xue (2015 summer intern from Peking University, China)