Welcome Siliang Song

Siliang Song is a summer student in the UCLA CSST program who is visiting the Shaffer Lab for ten weeks. Song will work on the phylogeny of the salamander family Ambystomatidae, including two federally endangered California species and a dozen critically endangered Mexican species, using thousands of targeted genes developed in the Shaffer lab.  As an undergraduate at Zhejiang University, China, Song worked in the Institution of Insects Science, mainly focusing on the phylogeny of Hymenoptera (wasps & bees). Interested in observing nature and admiring the diversity of lifeforms, Song plans to pursue ecology and evolutionary research in his future career, and the genomic tools he is mastering at UCLA will help him achieve those goals. Welcome to the lab, Song!

The UCLA CSST Summer Program brings outstanding third year undergraduate students, interested in PhD studies, nominated by top-tier universities in the People’s Republic of China and Japan, to conduct 10 week intensive research training with UCLA faculty mentors. This 10-week program offers emerging scholars premier research training in a cutting edge scientific environment that fosters cross-disciplinary collaborations.