Quantitative Training for the Life Sciences

As a Life Sciences faculty member, I have had the unique opportunity to contribute to a pedagogical transformation in Mathematics and Statistics curriculum for Life Sciences undergraduates at UCLA. The innovative interdisciplinary courses developed by the UCLA team address a need for applicable Math and Statistics in the Life Sciences with emphasis on modeling, simulation, resampling based approaches and modern computing using Python.

I also incorporate inclusive student-centered practices in my classroom to cultivate active learning. Our bright and self-motivated students enrich my teaching experience by staying on track and applying what they learn in class, to conduct research in the Biological Sciences. They further show an overwhelming kindness to their professor by developing an interest and appreciation for Math in Life Sciences!

It is my pleasure and pride to note that in 6 years, I was able to contribute to changing the way 3316 undergraduates at UCLA learn and apply Math!! I can’t wait to see this propagate in their careers!!

Courses taught include

  • LS 30A: Mathematics for Life Scientists (Modeling and Simulation of Biological Systems using Differential Equations)
  • LS 30B: Mathematics for Life Scientists (Largely focusing on Linear Algebra and its applications to Dynamical Systems)
  • LS 40: Statistics of Biological Systems – Bootstrap Resampling Stats using Python
  • LS 20: Quantitative Concepts for the Life Sciences

Sharmila Venugopal (Dr. V)