UCLA Marine Biology Quarter

As a professor for UCLA’s Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ) since 1996, Peggy has mentored many undergrads through their first research experience. These courses are a transformative experience for everyone involved!

The MBQ is a full immersion field course abroad. Previous locations have included Hawaii, French Polynesia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Australia, and Belize. These are intensive hands-on experiences during which undergrads complete whole class, small group and individual research projects. Every day of an MBQ is long and packed with hard work, but the amount of knowledge gained is invaluable. And the ecosystems are inspiring!

Over the 10 weeks of the quarter, students are actively engaged in all aspects of a research program, including learning about ecosystems, designing projects, scouting locations, performing fieldwork, analyzing and interpreting data, and presenting research to their peers.

Research topics of previous students:

  • Impacts of shrimp aquaculture on reef health using macroalgal bioindicators

  • Interaction of bottom-up processes and top-down controls on physical defenses of coral reef algae

  • In situ comparisons of grazing preferences of urchins in kelp forests and urchin barrens

  • Partitioning herbivory by size classes of crabs in a mangrove forest and of fishes on a tropical fringing reef


If you are a UCLA undergraduate interested in the next MBQ, please contact the EEB undergrad office.