Welcome! This is the site for the lab group of Dr. Nathan Kraft, associate professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of California, Los Angeles. We study the ecological and evolutionary forces that structure communities, particularly plant systems. Projects in the lab integrate aspects of community ecology, biogeography, ecophysiology, and phylogenetics. Recent projects have centered on the forests of lowland Amazonia and annual plant communities in California. In addition to a focus on species coexistence, research in the lab also addresses plant responses to climate change, the distribution of diversity at broad spatial scales, and the assembly of regional biotas.

Lab News:

December 2017: Farewell to Yi Ding- it was wonderful to have you visit the lab this past year!

December 2017: Congratulations to Gaurav and Aubrie James who just had an organized oral session proposal approved for ESA next summer.

December 5 2017: Nathan is named to the “highly cited researchers” list for the third year running. link

October 2017: A final SESYNC working group meeting for the Macroevolution of Ecosystem Services working group- more papers soon!

September 2017: Thanks to Ben Gilbert for organizing a short but sweet working group on Ecological Drift at sDiv in Germany.

August 2017: Yet another excellent ESA- thanks to the participants in the Traits and Coexistence symposium Jonathan Levine and I organized, and great to see talks from so many lab members: Ian, Gaurav, Andy, Claire, as well as Vivian Griffey!

July 2017: Welcome to Suzanne Ou, who is joining the lab as a research tech. Suzanne joins us from Duke, filling in for Mary Van Dyke, who will be moving to a Ph.D. student position in the lab in the fall!

March 2017: Welcome to the world Henry Kraft- future botanist? Only time will tell…

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