Lab Members

June 2019 in the Mildred Mathias Botanical Garden (L-R): Jonathan Shi, Kenji Hayashi, Marcel Vaz, Mary Van Dyke, Heather Lindsay, Anmol Dhaliwal, Nathan Kraft, Megan Clark, Xinyi Yan, Gaurav Kandlikar

Not pictured: Dr. Andy Kleinhesslink

current lab members


P1010761_crop Nathan Kraft- PI


office: Life Sciences 3219

phone: (301) 825-3593



 Picture forthcoming Dr. Andy Kleinhesslink

Postdoctoral Researcher


office: Life Sciences 3206


Graduate Students

Kenji Hayashi


office: Life Sciences 3206

Marcel Vaz


office: Life Sciences 3209

 DSC_0008 Gaurav Kandlikar


office: Life Sciences 3209

13507072_10207032680841121_7269898721878485635_n-1 Mary Van Dyke


office: Life Sciences 3206



Graduate Students Dr. Ian McFadden 2012-2019 (now a postdoc at WSL and ETH in Zurich< Switzerland)
Postdocs Dr. Lei Chen 2015-2016
Dr. Claire Fortunel 2013-2016 (now a Research Scientist at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development)
Visiting Scholars Aubrie James (Ph.D. student, Geber Lab, Cornell University) 2017
Yi Ding (Professor, Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, China), 2017
Lab Techs Suzanne Ou (now at Stanford Univeristy)

University of Maryland

Postdocs Dr. Kristen Powell (SESYNC postdoctoral fellow) 2013-2014
Visiting Scholars Dr. Benoit Parmentier (postdoc, McGill Lab, U Maine) 2014-2015

Dr. Rong Li (Associate Prof., Kunming Institute of Botany) 2013-2014

Marcos Carlucci (Ph.D. student, Duarte Lab, UFRGS, Brazil) 2014

Cristina Bastias (Ph.D. Student, Valladares Lab, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Spain) 2014

Dr. Jeanne Osnas (postdoc, Lichstein Lab, U Florida) 2012-2013

Undergraduates Ali Sanz (wood anatomy project) 2015

Cara Heilveil (wood anatomy project) 2015

Samantha Cruz (wood anatomy project) 2014

Previous lab retreats:

IMG_3823 2

Fall 2015 Lab Retreat, W. Virginia: Nathan, Ian, Marcel, Lei, Gaurav, Claire


Fall 2014- W. Virginia: Kristin Powell, Nathan Kraft, Claire Fortunel, Marcos Carlucci, Ian McFadden, Rong Li.