How We Work

Our goal is to create an environment where we can all show up, as best we can, to do amazing science together and learn together (an inclusive lab).


In order to do that, we have regular discussions about our Lab Values and set up Agreements (with each other and our selves) so that we can work according to those values.

*This is a living, dynamic page. Current table from Spring 2022*

Value Definiton(ish) Agreement(s)


Everyone has a voice and will be heard, contribute to our culture, learning, and science. To respect each other, always. Separate the person from the actions.

Step up, step back (be aware). 

Collaboration Create an environment that encourages and rewards collaboration, and reject things that encourage competition. To collaborate instead of compete; there is enough space for all.

To ask for the input we need & provide input as asked.

Learning Everyone is here to learn, everyone has things they can learn.  We are here to get it right, not to be right.

To ask questions when we have them.

Empathy  Everyone in our lab is different & that is important. Practice perspective taking. To be generous with ourselves & each other (believe everyone is doing their best).

To give each other the benefit of the doubt (assume good intentions).

Communication Information is the best tool for learning, so we will work to communicate openly. To listen with as much care as we would like to be heard.

To communicate, if and when we can, about our discomfort.

Set aside judgement & trust others to do the same.

Encouragement Strive to encourage each other’s learning and growth in science and as human beings. To encourage ourselves & each other, scientifically and personally.
Accountability Sometimes we will all mess up, that is ok. We have to learn from it. To hold ourselves & each other accountable: when you know better, you do better.

To talk about issues when they come up (when we can).

Integrity We will strive to act in ways that align with our values and encourage/ enable that in others. To try and be our best selves, and recognize that there is no final ‘best’.