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Lauren Dedow, Senior Research Associate and Lab Manager.


Email: ldedow (at)            (she/her)

Lauren completed her PhD at UC Riverside, on RNA biology. She has joined the lab to help keep us on track and bring her molecular biology expertise to our aid!

Pablo Martinez, HHMI Hanna Gray Fellow

Pablo Martinez, PhD

Email: pmart (at)          (he/him)


Pablo received his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from UC Riverside. He then went on to complete a PhD in Plant biology in the Rassumussen Lab working on cell division in maize. His work combines mathematical and biological approaches to understand cell division. His current projects are aimed at understanding how the maize leaf develops its shape through coordination of cell division and expansion throughout the blade. Pablo is a 2019 HHMI Hanna Gray Fellow.


Lital Davidi, Post-doctoral Researcher

Email: litaldavidi (at)        (she/her)

Lital is an expert in algal biochemistry, from brown to red to green. She is examining stress tolerance mechanisms in algae, with a current focus on intertidal macroalgae and green algae (desmids).


Manuel Mora, Graduate Student (Cell and Developmental Biology)

Email: moramanuel (at)  (he/him/his)

Manuel transferred from Santa Ana Community College to UC Davis where he received his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in 2019. While at UC Davis, Manuel worked with Clark Lagarias. He started at UCLA in Fall 2019 and joined our lab in Summer 2020! Manuel enjoys spending time outdoors, either jogging or biking, and stopping for the occasional “Cool Plant Pictures” that he’ll take along his trips. In our lab, Manuel is exploring the relationship between cell expansion and nutrient availability – using genetic and advanced ‘omic’ approaches. Manuel is on the board of UCLA’s SACNAS chapter.


Siobhan A. Braybrook, PI.


✊🏻🇨🇦🇺🇸🧠🏳️‍🌈File:Feminism symbol.svg - Wikipedia🥇💚🤎💕

Email: siobhanb (at)  (she/hers)

I received a BSc Honors in Plant Biology from the University of Guelph, Canada, in 2003; during my undergrad I was lucky enough to work with Annette Nassuth on cold-tolerance in grape and with Derek Bewley on seed germination mechanics in tomato. I then moved to UC Davis, with conditional acceptance, to work with John Harada on somatic embryo development. My plant mechanics work began during my NSF-funded postdoc in the lab of Cris Kuhlemeier (Bern, CH) where I collaborated with Alexis Peaucelle (INRA, France) to develop AFM-based methods measuring cell wall mechanics in apical meristems. In 2013, I started The Plant Mechanics Group at The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge. In 2017 the lab moved to UCLA to the Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology.

I am also a member of the California Nanosystems Institute, the Molecular Biology Institute, the Center for the Study of Women, and the DOE Institute of Genomics and Proteomics.

I currently teach LS 7A (Cell & Molecular Biology) and LS 101 (Understanding Scientific Literature & Context) in the Life Sciences Core.

I serve on the Life Sciences Diversity Advisory Committee and the MBI’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. I am one of many contributors to Plantae’s Changing Climates & Cultures resource, you should check it out because it is awesome.


Undergraduate Researchers

Emily Oren, MCDB Major

Chloe Rome, MCDB Major

Tim Sisneros, EEB Major

Noelle Fuller, MCDB Major

Manya Kimbadi, MCDB Major

Elsa Couvillon, Biology Major

Catherine Sutarjo,  Pre-Math/Applied Bio Major

Serena Ta, MCDB Major

Rick Robin, MCDB Major

Tia Barfield Griffin, MCDB Major

Lab Assistants

Skye Grimm


Past Members

Marina Linardic, Postdoc

Triet Ngo, Biology major

Shiva Bayatmalayeri, MCDB major

Ashley Royce, Biochem major and Biomedical minor

Firas Bou Daher, Postdoc

J Louis Kaplan, PhD Student

Yuanjie (JJ) Chen, PhD Student

Katie Leap and Devin Gibbs, UCLA Rotating graduate students

Marina Linardić, PhD Student

Roza Vőfély, Graduate Student

Thomas Torode, Post-doctoral Researcher

Adi Naamati, Research Assitant

Shen Bayon de Noyer, Research Assistant

Marco Aita, Post-doctoral researcher

Emily Marr, Undergraduate, Plant Sciences Part II Project.

Summer interns 2015: Jack Clough and Molly Murton (King’s College)

Joanna Wolstenholme, Undergraduate, Plant Sciences Part II Project.

Simon Butterworth, Undergraduate Researcher. Nat Sci.

Amy Roberts, Undergraduate Researcher, UROP Summer Project

Amish Gir, Undergraduate Researcher. Plant Sciences Part II Project.

Ashley Manton, Undergraduate Researcher, UROP Summer Project.

Alexis Peaucelle, Visiting Scientists via AgreenSkills.

Lihua Han, Senior lab technician


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