Dr. Georg Hilfenhaus, post-doctoral fellow, communicates on the differences in barrier function in distinct vascular bed

Dr. Georg Hilfenhaus, post-doctoral fellow at the Arispe Lab, and collaborators (including 4 undergraduate trainees of the Lab: Dai Nguyen, Jonathan Freshman, Divya Prajapati and Dana Song) have a newly accepted paper in JCB showing Vav3, a GEF that regulates the cytoskeleton, is a critical regulator of barrier that is expressed in capillaries but is absent from large vessel endothelium.

Hilfenhaus, G., Nguyen, D., Freshman, J., Prajapati, D., Ma, F., Song, D., Ziyad, S., Cuadrado, M., Pellegrini, M., Busteo, X.R., Iruela-Arispe, M.L. 2018. VAV3-induced Cytoskeletal Dynamics Contribute to Heterotypic Properties of Endothelial Barriers. J Cell Biol. In Press.

Just accepted in Nature Communications

Dr. Julia Mack, post-doctoral researcher at the Arispe Lab, publishes as first author in Nature Communications. Her work demonstrates that Notch 1 is a flow sensor and it is required to regulate calcium spokes in the adult endothelium. You can find the article here.

Julia Mack, Thiago Mosqueiro, Brian Archer, William Jones, Hannah Sunshine, Guido Faas, Anais Briot, Raquel Aragón, Yu-Chyuan Su, Milagros Romay, Austin McDonald, Cheng-Hsiang Kuo, Carlos Lizama, Timothy Lane, Ann Zovein, Yun Fang, Elizabeth Tarling, Thomas de Aguiar Vallim, Mohamad Navab, Alan Fogelman, Louis Bouchard, Luisa Iruela-Arispe. NOTCH1 is a mechanosensor in adult arteries. Nature Communications. 8(1): 1621.

“At 2 weeks post endothelial Notch1 deletion, we also observed proliferating endothelial cells (white arrow heads) in the descending aorta (Fig. 5e)”

Sep 17, 2016

The article entitled “Perivascular Macrophages Limit Permeability” was just published in ATVB. This work by former graduate student Mahsa (Huanhuan) He, demonstrates that macrophages are responsible for regulating vascular permeability under physiological conditions.